Northport doings

it has ben some months and a mild bout of Covid since my last set of updates, but thi gs have slowed down due to the work related loss of the player who ran Ulo the trollmaid, Jednesa the wrestling ogress, Jareth Mooncalled the cultist of the Elder Gods, Dilandua the shadow elf assassin, Stenet Fjall the dwarven Holy Warrior, and Benny Morales the dungeon saint of Hermes. All are currently being npc’d.

Against the Baron

The Veroigne exploring group of Wuxia characters have obliterated a bunch of the Baron’s troops with lightning and glue spells, created swarms of wasps and excellent sharpshooting by the group’s archer , and are about to engage the main body of the Baron’s men at Brouse, the seat of the Barony. The glue spell was a crit by someone with weirdness magnet, and resulted in a giant hand descending from the heavens with a massive bottle of Elmer’s glue.

I smell silver

The juniors gang has slowed down a bit without Jareth being activ and have decided to face the horde of plague zombies rather than deal with the Flame Lord. They spiked one side of a double door and then loosened the chain holding it shut, chopped the hands reaching through and created fire… then Brodak the Orc brute began cleaving them, Mario the Archer switched from bow to staff after a couple of ineffective torso shots, and began breaking legs. One impaled zed walked its way up Charlene the hired guard’s spear until it was kneecapped and stabbed in the head with her knife.

Most of the horde has been tripping over itself and on fire, so this was another example of fighting smarter rather than harder, something this particular group is good at.

Return to Temple Hill

The gang of dwarven holy warriors , Mel the priest/bard of Helios, Urun the gnoll warrior, and their new world hopping friend, the Wizard Alastrine finally realized that the well the talking fish of summer had warned them about might be a problem. After burning off the oily layer of Alchemical fire on the surface of the well, they climbed down and through, into an underworld where they encountered undead and flaming skulls and quickly beat a retreat away from whatever was coming out of that mirror world to the summerlands’ tower. Alastrine disassembled the well, destroying the gate, and they returned to Northport only to discover that they had arranged no payment with the Hadereum for their efforts in the demiplane, and only had some scrap bronze from an angry golem they had liberated a talking clockwork bird from. Hograth the dwarven Holy Warrior has added a cutpurse ally who will also be the group’s intercedent with the guild, to keep them from tripping over Mancini and Kalima.

The black Tower 3

This group finally got accross the pentagram by using ritual thaumatology , after slaying a demon of old, and were pursued by the Astral Reavers, now accompanied by a spellcaster who also was able to disable the pentagram with Dispell magic. Shroud shot the caster in the face, and Safwan the golem punched one unconscious but not before getting their hand cut off. The group had temporarily gained support from a corpse golem they found in the lab (it had a glyph lock like the recharging room) and it obeyed Safwan until Gareth tried casting spells over its shoulder. Instead of investigating the library they had broken the door down into (the back door with stacks bof books and papers giving bad footing), they opted to chase the retereating Reavers, and once past the Truthsaying/Lying armor golems that they had dealt with to get to the pentagram, which the reavers had slain(along with a demon from beyond the stars that the group had avoided) they oppted for a different route than the poison dart hallway, one with a carpet covering evil runes with deathtouch that Safwan had no trouble crossing, but Gareth and Adept Yisslitheniss the lizardman cleric were nearly killed by. The others are trying to walk alongside the carpet without knocking over some delicate vases on rickety tables…

Fey group from Deathtrap

after besting the disguised Frost elf leader of the Purists, and taking her to the guild, Dilandua interceded with the Ambassador from the Winter Court of Faerie, who then took the shadow elf and frost elf through a shadow door to Faerie.

The others (now reduced to Anita the cutpurse and Rosewood the pixie, together with the Ogrekin musician Gordab Bardson) went to the Fey friendly tavern Hyacinths Hoofprints where they met with Atticus the gargoyle wrestler before getting the Owlbear bouncer to open a portal to Winter.

Once in winter they made their way to the Winter Court of Mab. The queen of Air and Darkness was not pleased with the frost elf ‘s assault on feybloods, as she is midwife to all changelings, and first stripped her of her rank, and then allowed Atticus to challenge the wayward elf to a duel, where he grappled her and then dropped her from a height.

The group rejected an offer of joining the Winter Court and Rosewood has started shifting into something capable of vampiric attacks (it will be an augmentation of their pixie dust magic bolt, doing only 1d-2 and returning 1 hp to the pixie if 3 points or more ate done, point value to be determined)

Tavern part 3

not much progress with this bunch, they have been traveling with Dagon the necromancer and two of his zombies (they being immune to energy drain) and encountered a Headless Screamer.

Double Damned

Mancini (and Kalima) and company dealt with n unholy warrior, and a fisherman who can fill his nets every day by having dropped an idol f Cthulhu into the harbor, where the worshipful Deep Ones would herd fish into the net. Aoife the druid leprechaun turned herself into a scaled down shark to retrieve the idol, but its lifebane gave her temporary halitosis.

the fight with the Unholy warrior cost Ardenas the martial artist his hand, but the group ran into Dareos Madrigar, a Dark One cleric from the early days of the game, who performed restoration but left Ardenas with the tentacle-like fingers of a Dark one. The group then Joined with Jolinda, a cleric of Minerva played by Alastrine’s player.

Both Mancini’s group and the batch haunting Temple Hill have nade arrangements with the Hadereum, with Acolyte Flavius and Brother Numsy.

In the Crypt

The former slayers of the Beast of Veroigne, Aethul the Scout, Kirpich the earth priest, Balir Ironhide the dwarf warrior, Hannatti, a swashbuckler played by Alastrine ‘s player, and hired hangers on Snorri the seasoned guard and Marlena the seasoned apprentice had attacked a vampire castle, and after careful planning, have cleared it out… staging a daytime raid from the top of the tower to its lower depths, where they forgot to use any of the anti vampire gear they had brought (holy water, seeds for counting, garlic) and instead beat them silly instead, recognizing the unkillable nature of the heavily armored major vamps after easily staking out their servants, and going for disarming , crippling, and casting foolishness on the caster vamp. They were victorious, and now have a base of operations and a pile of jewelry and ornate armor.

Among the Dragonmen- Into the Vale

The group mended fences with the dragonmen and defeated the gnolls, who Jednesa befriended. The dragonmen led the main party into the vale, leaving the ogress and the gnolls behind, as she was concerned that they would be killed. They were attacked by siege beasts, after which her player had to leave, so she was severely harmed but threw one off a cliff, broke the arm of the other after the gnolls blinded it, and was later rescued by the others.

The main group dealt with a flame lord who came after a siege beast flung boulder crushed a warding stone, and then the group dealt with the heavily armored gang of dragonslayers who had accompanied the siege beasts.

Thereafter they met the guardian of the Flame, an ancient dragon who, in exchange for the assorted suits of plate mail and the dragonslaying sword one of the invaders had, taught Christine the fire mage some pyromancy.

Trading with trolls

This group has made its way back from the Hobgoblins fortress/city back through thehall of golems,also meta headless Screamer and woke the sleeping beast in the sea of holes- the cave eels coming out of the holes are part of an immense thing that destroyed the floor of its cavern thrashing about. Miraculously theyescaped unscathed, partly because they were no longer dragging and pushing a cart, and instead were carrying packs of trade goods. Theyjust met theliving pit, which regugitated all of the earth it had been fed previously.


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