Henchmen: Scribes, Craftsmen and Smiths

It is known how much a Fan I am of Peter Dell’Orto’s excellent work, DF 15: Henchmen; If you are playing Dungeon Fantasy and you don’t have it, get the damn thing. I use the book to populate my game with assorted henchmen, hirelings and as the base stats for most enemies, scaling fodder with Guard, lesser worthies as 125 point Archers, Apprentices, Brutes, Initiates, Skirmishers, Squires, and greater worthies as 185 point to 250 point characters.  I also use the templates  for a game with low powered delvers.

I have felt the lack of a couple particular types, in particular a 62 point scribe or cartographer, and a smith type in both 62 point and 125 point sizes to supplement the Artificer. Reverend Pee Kitty’s update of Historical Folks over on MyGURPS

was essential in my development of these, along with Peter’s book.

The trio above, Strong Clair the orcish Dungeon Porter, Kasmir Al Vasari the cartographer, and Renolan the half elven Torchbearer, have been regulars in my game on Rpol.net, and there I use these images, culled from the extensively curated portrait gallery; original henchlings

For a while, I have had a subplot involving an earth magic wielding Dwarven Smith, who is lugging around chests full of painstakingly created essential earth, for making concrete out of with Earth to stone. He was one of the reasons I needed to build these templates, and here they are: Additional Henchmen. Enjoy!

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