Recent Artwork for B&T – Who is this guy?

I recently completed a commision for John Stater, to draw some filler for the next edition of his elegant  BX/3.0 retroclone, Blood & Treasure.  Following his notes, I worked the images around a related group of adventurers. The origin of the cleric’s outfit lies with this guy, with his oddly generic religious symbol (an inverted triquetra?):


A few years ago, I was approached by another gamer on social media to  make fresh illustrations of the GURPS 3E Iconic characters for some pregens he was distributing at a game he was to run at a Con.  This is the full profile of those characters:


The original character set had Dai Blackthorne, a thief, a Ranger and an Archer, but lacked a basic cleric, and the only mage type illustration was a different scale, and looked more Gandalf like. I must admit, in my privileged mindset, that I only drew Anglo characters initially, but had started to involve myself in so more inclusive gaming groups, and gradually became aware of how lacking in representation my work was. As a student of art history, I was familiar with the existence of a multicultural presence in Europe, check here if you don’t remember seeing images in medieval and renaissance art.  The resulting grouping was a little more open, and GURPS has everything in it, after all.

GURPS trio

I am still working on my fantasy taxonomy project for another gamer, but I am open to commissions still.

faces of custom DF races for a brasileno gamer and friend

faces of custom DF races for a brasileno gamer and friend; there are more critters than this, and I may post a link to the final versions


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