Hunting for reviews

While The Redoubt of Chandra is making a lot of sales, there has yet to be a proper review.

Tim Shorts of Gothridgemanor did a very cool unboxing podcast , but I have yet to see or hear anyone else reviewing my little product.

Onthe other hand, someone named discodadda is selling the PoD from drivethrurpg on both Bonanza and Ebay.

They are selling a lot of PoD gaming products as new, with outrageous prices!

Always check to see if you can get something from the publisher at a good rate before biting at a shiny ebay listing…

The Redoubt of Chandra

Finally, the adventure I wrote during lockdown is live on drivethrurpg for $2.95!

The Redoubt of Chandra, (originally the Redoubt of Hades) is set in Northport, my home campaign.

This is a rescue mission set in a megadungeon under the city of Northport, but only shows a portion of the megadungeon that pertains to the mission.

It is written for my publisher’s version of Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Odesseys and Overlords (available here).

I went with O&O because my home game is played using GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and there is only one Third-party publisher that is licensed, and because the introductory materials for O&O are quite affordable.

For recaps of play through the adventure using GURPS check these posts

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