A recent commission for Tenkar that will be available to my patrons, and soon I will be breaking down the characters individually.

In the meantime you can get all of my existing artwork plus more and help Puerto Rican victims of hurricane Maria here


Dungeon Scenes 4 Now on Sale

Grab it right here !

Additionally, some of work can be had at Teepublic

Including these babies:


There are 8 designs, available on clothing, mugs, notebooks and more!

I was also recently interviewed by Caphiend. You can watch that here.

GM’Day Sale and Interview


Iwas just interviwed by Paco Garcia Jaen of the Base Secreto, a gaming coffeeshop in Madrid for his G*M*S Magazine podcast. We talked about my preferences for stock art that tries to be a little more representational, because the more people who can see someone like them in a game, the more people will play, and the more people who play, the better the chances are of everyone being able to have a good time.


One Bookshelf is running a 30% off sale for the next several days on all of my stuff, along with tons of other things. Each of my stock art packages come with 8-31 images. I am not selling just the cover image here. If you have been on the fence, now might be a good time to pick some of it up.

Also on sale is Blood & Treasure 2e, including the Treasure Keeper’s screen. Please buy them; I get nothing for it, but when John M. Stater sells, he can afford to hire me for more projects.

Get them, and other products of his, here.


It’s GM’s day. Get your GM something nice.



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