A New Year and a Round Number

One BookShelf isn’t showing it right now, but I have 50 titles that contain my work.

The problem has to do with the most recent product featuring my stock art, the RPG Pundit’s Lion & Dragon

Despite not currently having an artist’s listing due to OBS `accidentally ` deleting the listing for this entry and then reinstating it incompletely, you can see that the book has quite a bit of my art.

There is some other lovely stock art as well, some by Jack Badashi, and several nice pieces by Henry Justice Ford. Production quality is as good as found in Dark Albion and Chaos Cults.

The system itself is very OSR, although the magic system is supposed to conform to magical traditions of the fourteenth century. There is a serious nod to DCC in the startup at 0 level with extra characters.

I was approached last year to do some work on this project, but either my rates were too high or my politics too far to the left for the Pundit’s taste, and he settled on buying a few stock bundles instead.

My family set me up with some excellent gaming and drawing things for Yule, from a light board and steel ruler, and a microphone for Discord, to a stack of gaming books for 5E, GURPS and SWCL. I love my Family!

I am looking to run a tabletop game at a minicon this month, using SWCL and Beneath the Fallen Tower. I have to get writing it…

And I have some commissions for John Stater’s monster book 2 for Blood & Treasure.

Interloping antagonists and some reviews

Recently, I was asked on social media if I made use of Creatures of The Night, a GURPS product line of fairly disturbing horror creatures. I own the 3rd edition of the book, but rarely use it, as my current game line is 4e DF, and that particular volume is scaled more for modern Horror. I immediately responded to the questioner that I had made some heavy uses of a critter called the Interloper.  As one of my favorite things in D&D like games was the Mind Flayer, right along with the assorted races of Gith, the tentacle headed, intellect devouring playable race was right up my alley.  They weren’t genius level psionic villains intent on subjugating the world and darkening the sun, they were slightly oafish beasts compelled to consume the minds of sapient beings to avoid degenerating into imbeciles hellbent on breeding.  It makes for a much more angsty enemy. At some point I will re-stat them, and brand them as Elder Things and drop them in on my delvers.

Currently, the Jugger playing henchmen have been joined by a debased elder touched elf, along with another archer, a pair of weird mages and a necromancer. Definately, I am going to include some elder things. Nothing as fierce as a Mindwarper, but maybe a Ymid. Of course, the party of full strength delvers heading back into troll country are going to probably face some of the enemies of the trolls… the people of the pit.

This week I purchased a pdf of Pits & Perils, by Old House Rules. The artwork actually comes from medieval woodcuts, the font is typewriter and the feel is of a mid seventies gaming zine.  The game is wonderfully minimalist, almost like Searchers of the Unknown,except you do roll for an exceptional attribute – only one (unless your roll boxcars). The presentation is wonderfully evocative of the very beginings of this hobby, and a great bargain, as it is currently running for $4.99.

Pursuant to my current commissions, I also bought Blood & Treasure Compleat. John Stater, I must say is insanely prolific, with 27 issues of his mammoth zine, in depth reviews of old Dragon Magazines on his blog, and new micro game rules being released regularly, I must say he is probably one of the most prolific designers I know.

In any case, B&T reads like B/X as 3.0, with great little subclasses simply designed and an easy flow.  I like it, but as most of its art is open source, and while not bad, I can see where my work will be cut out for me. The book was made with love, and is worth it for those who recoiled at 4e, but like a little more complexity than most Whitebox Retroclones, or even Labrynth Lord Advanced Companion, which I happen to enjoy.