Bestiaries and Kickstarters

I have been crowd funding a lot of bestaries lately, and two will feature my work.

I recently picked up A Field Guide to Yokai (get it here) This slim volume withblack and white artwork is pretty neat and is like a more affordable version of Matthew Meyer’s book The Fox’s Wedding, which I also kickstarted a couple years ago.

Next up was the big daddy for me, Douglas Cole’s Bestiary for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: (here) an awesome monster manual with plenty of classic D&D critters with the serial numbers filed off. GURPS was lacking a 4e monster book, and this one is the shit. Full color illustrations for all entries. There are all kinds of goodness in this, from ravens to purple worms, and he is planning on kickstarting some companion books.

I also backed Rod Waibel’s OSR Twilight Fables (fufillment coming soon here) which features full color artwork,some of which is by Brom!

Ok now for the active KS, featuring my artwork.

a Gorgimera for Todd Leback

Third Kingdom Games (Todd Leback) has a kickstarter for a B/X Advanced Bestiary (volume 1) that has a lot of good (black and white) artists working on it already, and is fully funded.

The last KS, and the most ambitious is by Ryan Thompson, the brains behind Appendix N Entertainment, is the Gateway to Adventure Trilogy of hardbacks (here)

This consists of The Class Compendium, the Combat Conspectus and the Caster’s Codex and will have mostly b/w art with somecolor pages as stretch goals.

oh, and by the way, I released my totally not gith and totally not mindflayer bundle of Things from the Void, available at drivethrurpg for 5 bucks.

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Holy crap! right after I posted this, I saw a FB ad for a new set of solo games being kickstarted called Land of Bones- using mostly my artwork!!!!

you can check on them here

New Stock Art and another good Kickstarter

this can be bought at Drivethrurpg for under $5

Also, Todd Leback, writer of Hexes, and creator of Into the wild (get it here) has another kickstarter The basilisk Hills, featuring some more of my artwork. Get in on this, and the next stretch goal has me doing more art!

Process and Pixma Problems

These two goatfolk (or Broo) were drawn for Ryan Thompson for The Hidden Hand of the Horla, which can be got as part of Appendix N’s current kickstarter 

I had some fun with the tattoos, which invoke both Baphomet and Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young.

My usual process involves a pencil drawing with two stages of inking with Pilot G-2 Gel pens, using 0.38 and 1.0 sizes, and then scanning at 600 dpi, passing through Photoshop to crop, lighten and contrast until the majority of the pen marks are gone, and then because I never properly learned how to use it, I blow it up in MSPaint and adjust pixel by pixel until I like it.

The problem comes with scanning.  I had a good deal on a Canon Pixma 2525, and discovered to my dismay that it likes to search for significant images and crop them out of the main image.  It’s algorithms also detest diagonal composition, and try to correct it, as if a small photo had been placed on the scanning bed  askew.

This really screws with things, as it can destroy a composition with the arbitrary vertical/horizontal realignment, along with the arbitrary cropping. To correct it from my end, since tech support could not find its ass with both hands and a flashlight, I have to draw heavy frames around the subject.  It took about five times to get the goats straightened out, and this is what they looked like by the time I accepted the final scans:

This is some bullshit.


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Demons stockart coming soon! and other things of import


Now that my commissions are out of the way, My latest stock art package should be arriving on OBS! We all need villains, so here are 8 demons from the Monster Manual, plus a demon featured in Three Toadstools Blueholme adventure, The Dusty Door, and a Not so Petty Demon from my game, and a DoomChild.

Update: now available! Grab it here

As always, my patrons already received these, and you can too by signing up for my Patreon.

Speaking of commissions,  the latest issue of Echoes from Fomalhaut is now available, and features my artwork on the cover!


Now, there are a couple of kickstarters I have backed that I should mention:


Douglas Cole (of Dungeon Grappling, Dragon Heresy, and GURPS Martial Arts:Technical Grappling fame) has a kickstarter for the very first third party product for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG  This item, The Hall of Judgement, is an adaptation of his other product, The Lost hall of Tyr, originally produced for Swords& Wizardry, D&D 5E and Dragon Heresy.

If you are a fan of DF, definitely chase this down, it can only lead to more DF product.


Dark Naga productions is on their fifth kickstarter in the Haunting of Hastur series that started with The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil, and has carried through several other adventures, all currently available through OBS. If you have been following the series, which has a unique take on subterranean elves dwelling in the underdark, you should go for Carcosa.