Chromatic Dungeons and other KS

Roderic Waibel, my current patron who has me drawing masses of pig faced orcs, is running a Kickstarter for his inclusive minded elf game, Chromatic Dungeons

The kickstarter is not just for the main book, which had sensitivity readers and artwork from a diverse body of artists, but also smfor several zine supplements called The Gnoll Sage. all of these items are already written, so the kS is the opposite of Vaporware.

These will be in the Gnoll Sage issue 5.

Another important kickstarter to me is Steve Jackson Games GURPS 2021 PDF challenge kickstarter, which is also fully funded, and expanding its content via stretch goals.

Finally, a non kS project, Kabouter Games Spears & Spells is a great little introductory game that uses d6 and dice pools (the fewer dice the better, and it uses advantage/ disadvantage by subtracting or adding a die) has a great flavor, and is chock full of my artwork.

you can grab it here.

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