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Treasure from Swords and Wizardry appreciation day: The Ymid

This week was swords and wizardry appreciation day. I shamelessly slapped together a brief post in order to enter a contest for free S&W material, and while I didn’t win the suggested prize, I did win better.

R. J. Thompson posted a list of participating blogs belonging to fans of the game on his blog, Gamers and Grognards and there I found real treasure. Please, go check these people out, they have great enthusiasm and  several of these OSR bloggers posted links to freebies of their own design, like Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor  who posted a mini-issue of his OSR Fanzine, the Manor, as an adventure called The Flayed King.

what really got me excited was an adventure called Clatterdelve on GarrisonJames excellent site Hereticwerks. The feel of his work, with all of its weirdness is an epitome of OSR aesthetic. Seriously, his artwork is so close in flavor to Russ Nicholson that I felt transported back to May of 1981, when I first cracked open the Fiend Folio. I was struck by the inventiveness and creepiness and nostalgia all at once, and the Vancian/Cormanian feel of his Space Sorcery spell supplement strike a perfect tone. He suggests calling it “eldritch cyberpunk” and “Lovecraftian Space Opera” and that is just about right. The weird magic strikes a perfect tone, bringing to mind  cosmic horror movies from “The Green Slime” to “Event Horizon” and really evokes a particular aesthetic of gaming that only Goodman Games DCC has been able  to systematically manifest to me.

Clatterdelve is a great little adventure that takes place in a pocket dimension the PCs are hired to investigate by a wizard named Zogrim Dalviny and is full of perfectly bizarre encounters, along with what is probably

one of my favorite creatures, the Ymid.


With The creator’s permission, I am adapting them here for GURPS.

The adventure itself really brings to mind a relatively old school GURPS scenario, called Lost Inheritance, from the now out of print (of course) GURPS Fantasy Adventures

The Ymid are weird  dimension hopping cyclopean sorcerers, so I build them thusly:

the typical Ymid is would be built using  the following racial template: elder thing:

ST 11 DX 12  IQ 14 HT 12

HP 11 Per 14 Will 14 FP 17

T/S 1d-1/1d+1 BL 24

BS 5.75 MV 5 D 8



magery IV [45], Psi Talent VI [30] elder gift level 3 [15],

elder lore [8], trans dimensional sight [13], telesend [27]

mind reading [27], -your tongue is my tongue [7]

vacuum support [5],  doesn’t breathe [20]

unfazeable [15], energy reserve+5 [15]

world jumper [50] (new worlds, cannot escort, limited use:every three days, takes 1 hour prep time)

Detect Weird [10] (supernatural events involving weirdness magnet or critical spell failures)


Weirdness Magnet [-15], one eye [-15], Monstrous Appearance [-20], Social Stigma: monster -[15],

callous [-5], low empathy [-15], clueless [-10], curious [-15],

affected by pentagram, banishment spell [0]


knife [4]  14

staff [8] 14

innate attack [4] 14

mind block [4] 15

hidden lore (elder things) [4] 18

(demons) [2] 17

(magical writing) [2] 14

Thaumatology [8] 18

Occultism [4] 18

spells: 25-50 points of a mix of mind control, body, elemental and necromantic spells, and gate magic.

common equipment: wizard staff, hooded robe of protection, meteoric iron knife

The Ymid deny any relationship with Eyes of Death, and do not take Unknowable things particularly seriously.

They may also have Yr-go familiars

ymid large0001