While I wait for the Kickstarter to finish…


I have a few weeks before I can really get cracking on the work for Blueholme Journeymanne . The preliminary  sketch above, for a Gem of Seeing, might not end up going in, but I will be doing about 8 pieces. I loaded a stack of Lovecraftian art to my Patreon, effectively both of the bundles I just added to my store.

Seriously, it is cheaper to be my patron than to buy my stuff.

So I have returned to working on Beneath The Fallen Tower, my low level DF/S&W venture. I finished off some conversions of creatures found, but I need to do a little more. One of the creatures is a wight, and as those who play in my game know, these are pretty lethal. I build them from the template in GURPS Fantasy, and add Unkillable I with Vulnerability to Silver. (And susceptibility to magic weapons). I have applied this template to gargoyles, and to Giant Maned Rats from DF10. The group trying to clear a basement full of these had to go see their employer about getting silvered weapons, and strangely, despite the animosity between two players, one refused the offer of a functional but somewhat cursed sword (causes bloodlust and acts like an addiction for the user) that she could have dumped on the somewhat unpleasant player.

Another group, also without magic weapons, found themselves facing a wight who happened to have a magic weapon, and while they couldn’t kill it, its fragile:brittle nature let them sever the arm holding the magic sword and use it to kill it. I rule that in these cases, HT damage needs to be done with the object of vulnerability, and I have them start regenerating 1 pt per day if reduced to -5HT with other attacks. This means a reoccurrence in about three months…

A similar problem came up with a flaming skull. The hireling mage, a Seasoned Apprentice, had a lot of generalist spells including Mass Sleep, of which the party was appreciative, but had no attacks scaled for diffuse. The party was getting hit for more than they could dish out, although the magic sword helped. The mage ended up dropping its attack with Extinguish Fire, which would not have worked if it was a simple 3e Skull Spirit. The description said flaming, so I let her quench it, and the group beat it down.

This particular group was on a hexcrawl chasing a map to find the whereabouts odf a missing military pay train which had caused soldiers to mutiny and the kingdom to lose the war and be overrun with orcs. Along the way, while trying to discourage some bandits who fell in with them from following them to their goal, the party bard spun a tale of a lich with a silver crown set with tourmalines who marched with an undead army, and said they were heading to his grave, which successfully dissuaded the bandits.

Unfortunately,  the legend was true, and the place the missing silver was stashed is he lair of a lich. So far they have been dealing with minions, but it is going to get ugly soon.

Blueholme Journeymanne is Kickstarted! (Also Lovecraftian Stock Art coming soon)


The next big project for me, illustrating Michael Thomas’ Holmes Basic Retroclone expansion has launched! What Started with his Prentice Rules has now been expanded into a full game.  A crowd of artists including Russ Nicholson and myself have been drafted to pack it full of art.  The Kickstarter is already funded, but ever stretch goal added drops more work in my lap! Get behind this project!


New releases coming to my shop with Aegis Studios are two bundles of Lovecraftian Work: One full of paintings, and one of traditional line work.

Get on these! they should be releasing in the next couple of days!


Update: both items are on drivethrurpg, but the gug dong landed the color work in the adults only setting, so if you want to see them, you need to update your filters.

GM’Day Sale and Interview


Iwas just interviwed by Paco Garcia Jaen of the Base Secreto, a gaming coffeeshop in Madrid for his G*M*S Magazine podcast. We talked about my preferences for stock art that tries to be a little more representational, because the more people who can see someone like them in a game, the more people will play, and the more people who play, the better the chances are of everyone being able to have a good time.


One Bookshelf is running a 30% off sale for the next several days on all of my stuff, along with tons of other things. Each of my stock art packages come with 8-31 images. I am not selling just the cover image here. If you have been on the fence, now might be a good time to pick some of it up.

Also on sale is Blood & Treasure 2e, including the Treasure Keeper’s screen. Please buy them; I get nothing for it, but when John M. Stater sells, he can afford to hire me for more projects.

Get them, and other products of his, here.


It’s GM’s day. Get your GM something nice.



Like a book of my Stock art

Some updates

Finally, after over a year and a half, The second group to pick up the thread of the star crossed goblinoid couple got the job done.

As I have detailed here before, Hramina the orc cheerer had run off with Glosso the goblin kwik, and had gone into hiding. The orc supporters of her snubbed Jugger, Murfash, had started tearing up the city, and causing havoc amongst the goblins. This was bad for guild business, as the Adventurer’s guild was heavily involved in gambling rackets, and in particular, the betting on the goblinoid jugga league.

Our resident munchkin, he who created Gorgath the Ogre and the lets put every weapon modifier on one item Doomrazor, had created a fully weaponized Nymph Bard. This greatly facilitated negotiations for the rest of the group, an unattractive thief with a speech impediment, a martial artist, a Xia naginata specialist and minstrel,  and a telekinetic mentalist.

After their mishaps with Khrosh and the members of his televodnica, from which they stole a trophy in order to bribe a retired Hobgoblin Kwik who was keeping the young pair sequestered, they went to the guild to see what they could do to make a deal with the orcs. As the guild was working on expanding operations into the undercity for trade (principally with the trolls), Rigo the guildmaster conceded that letting the orcs take a piece of the action was feasible. This naturally created a jumping off point for guild based characters opposed to this offering.

They then went to see the girl’s mother, who got them to see the orcish matriarch Huralda, a very traditional woman who had cheered for her jugger, then married him (and later buried him) and it looked like they were going no where, but made arrangements to meet with Ganosh, the elder. He was more sympathetic, and was willing to hear their request, if they delivered Glosso and Hramina to him.

This they did, albeit with a significantly armed force consisting of guild halberdiers and a pack of goblins armed with poison arrows.

Glosso stepped up, and accepted the elder’s terms, that as the husband to anorc, and father to (eventually) half orcs, he should be considered an orc. Speaking formal phrases in Orcish he had learned, he was accepted. Hramina was asked by what right she ought abandon her jugger pl;aye, and answered smartly, that only the quick might lay hands on the prize. This answer was accepted, and the guild invited all into a tavern so that they might close the mercantile expansion deal.

Around this time there was some fallout from the semi-completion of another adventure thread.  The wuxia characters, who had bearded the horde of Rotten Clan of ninja in their lair, and fought off a small army of naginata wielding guards, upgraded from the 62pt template with combat reflexes, 8points extra in naginata, and the perks of teamwork and sacrificial parry. The idea of them was so that they could collectively x-parry the ridiculous attacks of Jin, the 17 ST tetsubo wielding Yakuza with the party, who had been making mincemeat out of the opposition.  The gang ignored a wooden fitted door they had deduced was a powder room for stocking flash and smoke grenades, and missed out on the rest of useful supplies, like paut and healing potions.  They moved on to destroy a skirmisher/adept with deathtouch and an apprentice/ninja and one player pocked their magic weapons.  after that battle, they ran into a bunch of cultists summoning the Master of Burning Incense from the jade and silver tea service they were pursuing, under the watchful eyes of their Omo’s enemy, Akira No Aku.  Several petty demons involved in the ceremony spotted the celestial being in their party, Kho Kilana, and charged (celestials being a favored enemy of  demons) and cut their way through the guardsmen to get at her.  The cultists were successful at  raising the Oni, who promptly disemboweled some of them. He took a solid hit from one of Jin’s  throwing irons (hunga mungas), as did Akira No Aku, off in the corner of the room. The Oni, fully realizing that his thousand year sentence might be extended if he failed to return to his prison, agreed to do so on the condition that the Celestial accompany him.  Tired of mortal company, she agreed, thus fulfilling the I Ching reading I had taken for the theme of this adventure when it started.

The demonologist tossed a vial containing a Toxifier (basically a spellstone of Summon Demon), and the group beat a retreat, except for Jin who had critically injured himself with a fumble, and wanted to collect his throwing irons. The others convinced him to go with them, and after trying destroy air and blocking pursuit with create fire, they escaped up the wellshaft and into the warehouse. The martial artist carrying the magic items that could have destroyed the toxifier gave himself the bad back disadvantage after critically failing a lifting roll, trying to cover the trap door with a barrel of salt. The warehouse above had about two dozen barrels like this, preserving corpses for shipment home for burial on family plots.

Our heroes escaped, but the toxifier animated all of the salted dead, and proceeded to attack the area the wedding was taking place.





Recent Acquisitions and Comissions



I just got a few new used GURPS books, and freshly printed copies of The Wizard’s Scroll and Crypts and Things Remastered from Drivethrurpg. I always get hardcopy of things with my art in them, it lets me build a portfolio of published work, although you can always get a copy of my book if you are interested. (And use code SURVIVE20 to get20% off)

Some of my recent work, to be seen in John M. Stater’s Nod 31  (A ghost dog, space amazons, Ajax and a giant scorpion fight), and an elven necromantrix and a goblin sage for a yet to be named project by Charlie Mason (originally slated for his Whitebox Quickstart until my art was deemed too Old School for an introductory RPG. He has got some vibrantly colored pieces by Spiral Magus instead, which is far from a bad thing.

I post several things to my Patreon a month, and bundle them for sale once I hit a large enough amount, but my patrons get them for free. If you like buying my art bundles, consider a monthly donation of $1 to get a piece of this. If you want to tell me what to draw, donate $5 or more. It comes out to be cheaper than my usual commission rates.

Out of the suggestion that my art was too Old School in feel, because of this commissionbeginners-boook

You can get a print of this here.

I started working on a project to depict an adventuring party more aesthetically pleasing to a younger set of folks without a history of tabletop rpg experience. Thus was born the Young Adventurers, currently being featured on my Patreon.

I am hoping to do more with them. Let’s see how that unfolds.