Down with the Sickness

after three years of dodging the virus since my initial infection at the start of the outbreak, Covid19 has caught up with me.

Thankfully, after the death of a friend from this horrible plague, I was recently boosted (for a total of 5 shots), and the effects have been mild. No fever, no new loss of sense of smell or taste (I have some permanent losses from the fist time) and only a brief sore throat and some congestion have been the worst of it.

I cannot emphasize wnough the benefits of keeping up to date with the vaccine; I have weathered two separate rounds of infection among my colleagues at work, my family , and constant exposure to patients in the hospital where I work.

Wear your masks, and wash your damn hands!

in other news, I have nearly drawn enough pictures of ruins as to release another stock art bundle soon!


One thought on “Down with the Sickness

  1. I’ve been back in the office (internal office politics reasons*) for about a year now, luckily we’re still slightly “under-staffed” (office wise, we’ve still got plenty of WFH staff) so the offices are only about half full – it’s a call center, some areas, like mine, are ghost-towns, others sides of the floor are packed like sardines.

    Also luckily, quite a few upper management (the ones who are more likely to wander from one area to another) wear masks, and we have people who go nuts wiping everything down around them with sani-wipes (we supply management and team leads with Clorox wipes), so the two outbreaks of “the flu” we’ve had were contained to the ‘packed in like sardine” full of young people sections (some of the LOBs are more prone to having youngins, they also tend to be the ones who can’t quite manage to hurdle the requirements to get into the WFH program, or are simply not allowed to WFH by our clients).

    What I’m saying is, I’ve been lucky this last year to avoid gettin sick, and I hope that trend continues until I can manage to get back into the WFH. And I hope you stay healthy and good luck with next stock art release!

    * To become management you really have to work in the office and I’m still only “seasonal” management. So either I force myself into the full-time position soon, or I’m gonna say screw it and go back to WFH regardless. Returning to ‘agent’ status would bump up my pay (slightly**) and WFH is way more comfy, less stress, etc.

    ** Seasonal management actually make 2 dollars less an hour (and that’s just hourly, no commissions is the harder hit – on average I’m making about 6/hr less) than I was making, because I’m not a college graduate. It’s… yeah.

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