Bad Guys (and good spooky stuff)

No, I don’t mean the corporate executives at Hasbro who tried to take away the OGL,

I mean the kind of baddies that cultists and EHP’s get their altars all bloodstained over.

If there is a moral quandary about murderhoboing your way through the Chaotic Caves because you have a conscience, it can be a relief to find foul foes that are unquestionably the bad guys.

I have made stock art of these galoots previously, but left the statistics to others.

Currently, there is a kickstarter for zinequest5 by Appendix N Entertainment specifically to give your Old School Essentials game something that it is lacking: enemies that are unquestionably evil, for all of your Priests and Paladins to trounce without hesitation.

I have worked for Appendix N Entertainment for a little while now, contributing to a number of their projects.

This one is going to feature some more of my art, like this piece, Arimaniux the rat lord.

If this piques your interest, and you want real bad guys to challenge your high level characters, or just provide a bit of color to your generic evil temple to be shut down by the good guys, then this Kickstarter may be for you. Only $14 for print plus PDF, cheaper if you backed some of their KS that were slowed down by the OGL uncertainty.

Now, if you like a gentler, almost cozy take on the inhabitants of the underworld, Evlyn Moreau has created a beautiful short adventure on for only $6

This is a sweet and smart pointcrawl involving a parade of affable monsters making their way through the multiverse in order to worship at an old hollow tree. Unfortunately some twisted cultists (see there we go again) have corrupted things.

You can end up as an undead character, or some species of goblin (wonderful random tables) as you make your way past a number of complications and glorious set pieces. It is very enjoyable, and as soon as I got it I sent it out to Lulu to get it coil bound, as it is not just a great collection of spoopy art by Evlyn, but a great little game as well.


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