Bestiaries and Kickstarters

I have been crowd funding a lot of bestaries lately, and two will feature my work.

I recently picked up A Field Guide to Yokai (get it here) This slim volume withblack and white artwork is pretty neat and is like a more affordable version of Matthew Meyer’s book The Fox’s Wedding, which I also kickstarted a couple years ago.

Next up was the big daddy for me, Douglas Cole’s Bestiary for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: (here) an awesome monster manual with plenty of classic D&D critters with the serial numbers filed off. GURPS was lacking a 4e monster book, and this one is the shit. Full color illustrations for all entries. There are all kinds of goodness in this, from ravens to purple worms, and he is planning on kickstarting some companion books.

I also backed Rod Waibel’s OSR Twilight Fables (fufillment coming soon here) which features full color artwork,some of which is by Brom!

Ok now for the active KS, featuring my artwork.

a Gorgimera for Todd Leback

Third Kingdom Games (Todd Leback) has a kickstarter for a B/X Advanced Bestiary (volume 1) that has a lot of good (black and white) artists working on it already, and is fully funded.

The last KS, and the most ambitious is by Ryan Thompson, the brains behind Appendix N Entertainment, is the Gateway to Adventure Trilogy of hardbacks (here)

This consists of The Class Compendium, the Combat Conspectus and the Caster’s Codex and will have mostly b/w art with somecolor pages as stretch goals.

oh, and by the way, I released my totally not gith and totally not mindflayer bundle of Things from the Void, available at drivethrurpg for 5 bucks.

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Holy crap! right after I posted this, I saw a FB ad for a new set of solo games being kickstarted called Land of Bones- using mostly my artwork!!!!

you can check on them here

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