The Redoubt of Chandra

Finally, the adventure I wrote during lockdown is live on drivethrurpg for $2.95!

The Redoubt of Chandra, (originally the Redoubt of Hades) is set in Northport, my home campaign.

This is a rescue mission set in a megadungeon under the city of Northport, but only shows a portion of the megadungeon that pertains to the mission.

It is written for my publisher’s version of Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Odesseys and Overlords (available here).

I went with O&O because my home game is played using GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and there is only one Third-party publisher that is licensed, and because the introductory materials for O&O are quite affordable.

For recaps of play through the adventure using GURPS check these posts

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