SilverAxe and more

Irecently snagged the pdf of this gem from Exalted Funeral, where the print+pdf combo is$15, and am waiting on my hardcover.

You can get it there, or pdf alone at Drivethrurpg for $10

This mini setting is excellent. There are long vanished otherworldly creatures responsible for all of the dungeons and general weirdness, much like Blueholme’s suggestion that elder things and their black pudding servitors built all of the dungeons in the implied world of that game. I use a similsr conceit in my game Northport.

There are 9 thematically interconnected dungeons, a race of cyclopean ogres, and a boss monster straight out of Zelazny by way of the Monster Manual 2 (here). By using the 3 way alignment from Old school Essentials, that entity is aligned with Chaos, and the their surroundings suitably corrupted as a result.

This is good stuff, and I heartily recommend it.

One of its features is a series of cyphered puzzle carvings in a made up language; I did something similar for Todd Leback -shop his store

Recently I have been working with new art materials, and here are a couple items my patrons are going to see next week: a ruined castle and some githkin- a baroque-punk Githyanki and a spartan-zen Githzerai; respectively Astral Reavers (as seen in Dwimmermount) and Void mystics, which I detailed for DF in this post from 2016.

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