Emptying”Boxes of Doom”

Recently heard of the term “boxes of doom” as things folks with ADHD stow things into that they will get to deal with when they get around to it. Which is usually never. I have and have had numerous of these. Today i dumped out a few, sorted and made some hard decisions.

Then i threw out most of it, including the notes for a novel i had written most of before i got on better meds, and had a lot of baggage written into it. Likewise old gaming notes, dream journals, and art that was not as good as I remembered.

I kept some art, the notes to a children’s fantasy story i started working on a decade and a half ago, and a few other things. There are more boxes to go. A lot of it will go.

They are full of might have beens, unfinished stories with disingenuous premises, and crap i wrote while under the influence of my less medicated mind from a time that I have moved on from, hopefully becoming a better person along the way.

Here is to doom, and its unboxing.

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