Two Unboxings

I recently recieved two boxed game sets; A24’s The Green Knight Roleplaying Game, and a recently crowdfunded translation of Swords & Wizardry in Hebrew.

The Green Knight RPG

The Green Knight, A24’s retelling of the Gawain story, is a gorgeous movie with a super saturated palette, a terrific soundtrack, and a great bit of Owls Creek Bridgery. I enjoyed the film tremendously, and for that reason my wife surprised me with the game.

The box is designed to look shelfworn, and has a really good feature: an inner box which serves to strengthen the structure in a way that would let you stack on top of it without risk of collapse. My copy is on top of my other boxed sets, so this isn’t an issue for me. Include is a full color rules booklet with glossy paper, a green marked d20, a map, and 5 character sheets with one for each class: Noble, knight, sorcerer, hunter and bard. You have four stats that add to a roll, along with skills which also add. There is a single roll mechanic, one one stat of significance, and that is Honor. In play, this is accumulated dishonor (2-20) which must be rolled over; at 20 points of dishonor, you can no longer act as a PC.

You start at 10 points of dishonor, which is gained every time you fail an honorable action, and lowered when you perform actions that are honorable. There are a few encounters that are detailed, including a final one with the titular Green Knight that will most likely mark the end of the game, although a small sample of suggested encounters wrap up the game. I think it could be expanded into a larger campaign if the basic premise of fighting the Green knight was not on the table. Generally opponents, except for boss like ones, fall on a single successful Melee combat roll, and it takes a sufficiency of failures to cause you to lose a combat. I think it works best as a one-off, but the atmosphere is quite beautiful. I could also see its scenarios being run using another system, like GURPS, where one or more characters have a code of chivalry to maintain.

The other game, I wish I knew more about, but although I participated in the headstart campaign because one of the designers tipped me off to the use of my stock art in the project, I only was able to read the updates by using Google translate.

the box has a thicker if lightweight structure, and very handy thumb cutouts for easy opening. The Green Knight setup could have benefited from that!as the cover is very tight.

more of my illustrations

In addition to a set of dice and some advertising or quick reference cards, and a large sheaf of character sheets, there are a player’s and GM’s guides, both containing a fair amount of my artwork. These, being in Hebrew, are bound on the right and not the left. Glossy covers and lightweight paper with black and white printing comparable to most PoD.

I have had my work so far published in English, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, and Polish game products.

new stock art

I have new stock art you can get here:

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