Aspire to be “Woke”

Dyson's Dodecahedron


adjective, informal

alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

Representation in gaming, art, entertainment, and life matters.

Without representation we are invisible, others, outsiders, not worthy of care.

Being outsiders is EXACTLY what lead to the complete lack of compassion and help during the AIDS crisis.

When people speak out against inclusivity, they want things back like it was in the “good old days” when you didn’t have to treat people who are different than you like human beings.

Black Lives Matter.
Trans Women are Women.
Trans Men are Men.
Nonbinary people are who they are.
GLBTQ+ people are not a “trend” or a “phase” or unworthy of basic respect.

Inclusivity IS the MOST BASIC of respect.

Aspire to be on the anti-woke red list.

Be woke.


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5 thoughts on “Aspire to be “Woke”

  1. Gamer at Con, 2019: “Red pill or blue pill?”
    Me, running games: “What?”
    GaC: “Red pill or blue pill?”
    Me: “Just say ‘No’ to drugs, man!”
    GaC: “No, man… are you real or are you woke?”
    Me: “… Look, see these statistics on this paper? These aren’t the character, they’re just roadmarks, notices, reminder signs. The character is more complex than these things. Does your Strength stat tell you that your character like puppies? Does your Wisdom stat inform you that your character is partial to lavender scent?”
    GaC: “Uh, what does that have to do with-”
    Me: “So, if the statistics can’t tell you the nuances that really bring your completely imaginary character to life in a game, what makes you think you can pigeonhole real people, whose ‘character sheets’ are invisible and whose ‘statistics’ change regularly and are made up, into neat categorical classes? Stop being part of the problem.”

    • I can pigeonhole people based on specific responses to questions, like do you respect other people’s pronouns, and do you think Black Lives Matter, or is Covid real? If your answer is no, then I have nothing further to say to you

      • First of all, do I have to say yes to everything you ask or could asked to be a good person in your eyes? What if I say, that yes, I respect other people’s pronouns, and yes, I think Black Lives Matter, but no, I think Covid is fake? Or yes, Covid is real, but no, climat change is not a problem?

        Secondly, why do you expext binary answers (“yes” or “no”) to such complex questions?
        Yes, I will respect oher person’s pronouns in personal conversation, but no, trans-men are not men in the same way as biological men.
        Yes, Black Lives Matter, because All Lives Matter (live of any person, whatever colour his skin is, matters equally).
        Yes, Covid is a real virus, but no, mandatory vacsination is bad.

        Yes, I am from Russia, but no, I am not Putin’s troll :).

      • I must disagree with you on some points, as I stated above. The question of Black lives mattering is related to the way in America, they were principally and historically not included in “All” and because of the egregious rate by which they were being ended. I will not shift on my stance regarding transfolk, and I am very pro vaccination, working in the ICU as I do.

  2. And it is quite natural, that you disagree with me on some points. But the difference in our opinions does notmake any of us a bad person, I hope?

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