OSE session recap 11/16 with the gang

Dramatis Personae

Abbye Softpaws, cleric 3

Lance, fighter 2

Aria Silverwind, elf 2

Drucila, MU 1,  (at end of session, MU 2)

Ashanti, “mercenary”( assassin) 3

Farmer John, normal human

Skeleton, deceased

Ankheg, deceased

The bulk of this evening’s OSE game involved the creation and introduction of a new character, for an old player, Darren, a member of the gaming group that James and Stanley belonged to with me in the late eighties to early nineties.

Also present and observing was a new player, Ralph, who wanted to see how we rolled.

After the party had defeated the coffer corpse last week, Lance had run upstairs to the relative safety of the prison level, and awakened Ashanti (who replaced the minimally defined halfling I had originally had there, and gave the same backstory, having had her party scattered by the coffer corpse and owlbear/ giant rat combo.

Darren was surprised to see how stripped down the OSE assassin was, as they have d4 hp and no longer have open locks (handy for getting to your victim) or any method of concocting poisons as they did in AD&D. I think I will resolve that as a poison saving throw to acquire venom from deceased creatures. He also opted to put his second highest roll into Intelligence; I  will reward that with better information and lore results; the only mechanical effects are more languages.

Once regrouped, a skelly followed them up and was turned.

Both Ashanti and Aria were interested in dealing with what was below…without a light so Ashanti made a series of stealthy rolls and was able to open doors and get next to …something… in the darkness of the crypt level without being seen, but wisely fled rather than engage. Still got xp for this.

Upon her return, Aria impulsively descended, and slew the skelly, but retreated as well.

The rest of the group was preparing to follow, and Lance went with Ashanti to stow his halberd safely in one of the cells so that he could use mace and shield. Ashanti took the occasion to search the cell with the chained skeleton, and opened the secret door there. After acquiring a torch; she entered a tunnel three feet wide and high, and clambered some distance to a rusted grating that served as an escape hatch for the original inhabitants of the tower. Limited by her strength (and a failed open doors roll), she returned to report, leaving the rusted hatch unopened. After an inventory of hit points, they decided to travel to a nearby farm and spend some time healing.

After resting up in the barn, they were able to assist the farmer when a giant insect leapt out of a burrow to eat one of his goats.

Taking time to ready, they fired arrows at it, avoided its acid spit, whiffed at it with a halberd, were missed on a bite attack, and felled it with another arrow and a solid swipe (nat twenty, natural max damage with 18ST) of the polearm and finished a 4hd Ankheg.

They climbed down into its lair, and over about three hours, were able to pry almost a thousand electrum pieces and a silver ring worth 100gp from the walls of its burrow, lined with resin like something out of the Alien franchise. The lawful cleric was kind enough to split some of this with the grateful farmer.

Collectively they bagged a few hundred xp, enough to raise Drucila to level 2. They returned to town to requip and Drucila loaded Sleep into her book from Aira.

Mechanics I will be using going forward: the secret doors roll is ideal for finding needle in a haystack items that involve spotting a specific something in a pile or fully concealed, like a ring embedded in the resinous walls of an Ankheg’s lair, amidst hundreds of coins similarly embeded.

I come back to BX games from many years playing games with skill systems, as have some of my players. I have seen a number of attempts to graft skills onto BX era games that were unsuccessful, but I have seen ways to use existing systems within the games.

For example, there had been a blog that proposed use of a saving throw to represent a class feature that is level and class based; I  believe it was in a post called “Save vs Awesome” that I can no longer find

The gist was that each basic class has a saving throw that they excel at, and that ought be used when a class related action is taken that has an uncertain outcome; wizardly endeavors resolved with a save vs spells, and for our poison using assassin, save vs death for handling and preparing poison… an ability check of that prodigious intelligence could identify ingredients, how best to extract it, and how to forensically recognize its use.

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