Magic Items for both Old School Role-playing Games and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy




This item is a wide brimmed hat with an enormous plume. The wearer, provided they are wearing no other headgear, is presumed to have +2 charisma when wearing it, and may cast Charm Person once per day. Additionally, if holding on to the hat with both hands while wearing it, the wearer will receive the benefits of a Feather Fall Spell if falling more than ten feet.( The wearer will fall at about ten feet per round), ostensibly to escape angry spouses via second floor window.


This item is a fine, ornate wide brimmed hat (+2 reaction) set with garnets, that enhances the appearance of the wearer by one level (average to attractive, ugly to unattractive, handsome to very handsome) and grants one level of the talent Smooth Operator,. Additionally  it allows the wearer to cast Persuasion and Loyalty at 15, for the usual fatigue costs, and if holding on to the hat with both hands, Slow Fall at 15 as well. This item may be used by bards and wizards.




This covered basket ( 4lbs)can create food (one ration worth) three times per day, provided it is covered and closed for at least an hour between meals. A picnic goodie basket (8lbs) can create enough food and drink once per day for up to six persons, including tablecloth, plates, flatware and cups, but all of the tableware must be returned to it or it will only produce half eaten food that may be spoiled (save vs poison)

This fragile covered basket (4lbs) can create food at 15 for 1 fp cost. A critical success will create essential food. Picnic basket (8lbs): this fragile picnicking set comes complete with service for 6, and for 6 FP can produce a feast for that many people. If any parts are missing, the quality  deteriorates, although it does not appear to, and those eating from it must make a HT roll or become sickened as per Sickness. Spells involved:create food, fools banquet. This Item may be used by any character.



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