Lucasfilm is hunting down clones

space opera cover

A couple if yearyears ago I had released this bundle of Space Opera Stock Art obstensibly for use as more inclusively representative character sheets for James Spahn’s Sword and Planet game, Whitestar. I included 31 pieces of art, including 2 alien brutes, 2 alien mystics, 3 droids, and 6 versions of each of the four human classes, in a mix of male and female, and in each of three ethnic backgrounds, because demographics of folks in Space should look more like  StarTrek the Next Generation than the damn Mercury Missions.

Today after two years, my Society6 shop hadtwo of my Star Knights removed. I am hoping that it was because I had the word “Jedi” in the searchable tags, and not because they were fiund to be offensive. Are they offensive? They were meant to be a means of representation for a population in gaming that doesn’t get enough.

I am thinking it might be the Mouse, as I know they already zapped a “Jedi in the Streets, Sithlord in the Sheets” shirt from that site.



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