Beneath the Fallen Tower now on sale

My little game that I premiered at Manhattan Minicon 3 with Noah Green and Erik Tenkar is now on sale- get it here




I had originally designed this adventure to be a dual system, using both GURPS Lite DF/Swords & Wizardry. Naturally, I could never sell such a thing, but I had a bit of writing about it here. Some of the conversions were simple; the ogress was built on a guard template, as were both the bandits and the military patrol. The young ogre built using the half ogre stats with pitiable, noisy, social stigma: child, and arachnophobia. The tinker was a 125 pt Adventurer, like Moligi.

The Necromantrix an apprentice with the necromancer package. The goblins had straight stats, the bodyguards  built as guard plus goblin, and the chief used my Hardened warrior lens, (combat reflexes, born war leader, 8 pts in primary weapon, a point each in tactics and leadership). The cultists, were of course, built on the cultist template, their demon, something less than a demon of old, and the rumored dragon, a fire slorn.

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