Massive Sale on Stock Art


Right at the same time I finished a 3 part epic painting for John M. Stater, to be sold soon as part of a GM or Treasure Keeper’s Screen for Blood & Treasure 2e, I discover that Aegis Studios, my publisher, has launched a massive 70% off, not just on my stock art, but on everything in their drivethrurpg store.


For those who have balked at my pricing, or have spent almost everything on the fully funded Steve Jackson Games’ Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game kickstarter, which is up tomorrow, now is your chance.  I will make next to nothing on these sales, but I love my art to be seen.  Seriously, the whole catalog is going for $4.30, and individual prices run from $0.45 to $1.20. You cannot miss at these rates.


$0.45 for 12 images


$0.60 for 7 images


$0.90 for 16 images


$0.60 for 10 images

space opera cover.png

$1.20  for 31 images, a steal!

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