This writing stuff is hard!

Last week, I suggested that I  would have something ready, and it may be a while yet. What I have done, aside from 7 pages of handwritten notes and 3 pages electronc on my phone, is to correlate both sets of legalese (OGL and official linked disclaimers) and write a five page essay on the functional differences  between GURPS and S&W, along with transcribing my edits and interpolations between two sets of templates written by Peter Dell’Orto  in DF15. Seriously, that is one of the most useful books in the Dungeon  Fantasy  line, and I   cannot recommend  it enough.

What needs to be done still,  is for me to do the same juggle between the 62point   and 125point chracter templates in order to build decent 75 point ones, for Magic User, Thief, Elf, Dwarf, and Adventurer. I am using Sean Punch’s  article  “Race as Profession” article from Pyramid 3/50 as the basis for the demihumans, and my own Molag Anders from this post and Collective Restraint’s Addenturer Occupational Character Template  here.  It doesn’t  hurt that I have been reading L. Sprague De’Camp’s  Honourable  Barbarian, and just scored a copy of the Compleat Enchanter. Can’t  go more Old School than Appendix  N for points of reference.

And oh yeah, I   have to finish statting out the Adventure  itself, in dual formats.

I have tremendous  respect for people who drop stuff on OBS, TTL, and Warehouse  23, let me tell you. The path from brain to pdf is tedious.


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