Art Spotting

This week, my stock art has turned up in two places. One is on Michael Smith’s blog, where he discusses a low rent variant on Leomund’s various pocket dimensional  real estate spells, in this case Poultrycanon’s Tiny Panic Room, which also has the sub variant of Halstrom’s Wee Rendevous.


I was perusing my Artist’s  page on Drivethrurpg  when I found that Ultanya Publ7shing had credited me  in a recent product, Gonzo Con.


Naturally, I  had to buy it. It is an adventure  for level 0-1 characters and involves ordainary gaming con attendees and staff being zapped into actual characters… pretty much what all of us wish for when we go to a con, although probably without being attacked by a giant gelatinous  D20. From what I have read so far, this little system neutral  adventure, for under $3 is worth the money. I can’t help but try and support  those who support me.



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