Things I am grateful for about S&W

GURPS  is my home, and has been ever since 1989, but half of what I steal in tone and content come from the byproducts  of the OSR.  The game I run is Dungeon  Fantasy, which was essentially  Steve Jackson  Games attempt to recreate the feel of mid to late eighties  dungeon delving. This came about around the same time as the reaction against D&D 4e, and in aroundabout way, makes it a relation, if a very distant one, to some of the OSR, if only tonaly and not mechanically.

In addition to Swords & Wizardry  based content in my game and my pdf library, there is S&W based money in my wallet. Not only have I been making a small, but appreciable  amount of pocket change selling my OSR friendly  stock art, but a much larger collection of coinage has come my way because of one member of the S&W community  has been buying it directly. John Stater has been my primary  patron, and in addition to being extremely prolific, he has directly comissioned dozens of illustrations  from me; check out these two that are boing to be in Nod 29:


Go out and buy it as soon as it hits drivethrurpg. And save your pennies for the second edition of Blood and Treasure, which is out inthe very near future, believe me I will blitz it, for while I gain nothing financial from any of his sales, they do spread my work around.

I am also working on a largish stock project, for the S&W Whitebox derived WhiteStar.  Here is some of that work:

Look for  it in the months ahead, in a more refined form.


4 thoughts on “Things I am grateful for about S&W

  1. Some of your delightfully thematic art (prints, I’m too frugal for originals) will soon be decorating the dungeon-themed area of my home.

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