WhiteStar and GURPS Space


Years ago, I had GURPS  Space, and Aliens together as part of a promotional  sale. Space was crunchy, and fairly  redundant if you had UltraTech. There were some subtle differences though. One thing I   thought was significant was having Capacitor  banks to power the hyperdrive instead of power cells. Picky of me, but the idea of having to wait while your puny reactor charged up to make the jump, while the enemy closed in made for a good bit of drama in my book.

Those books left my home during a purge I regret, and recently I started a project of stock art for space opera games. This is where WhiteStar comes in. Barrelrider Games seems to have hit one out of the park here, although I like my Space Sorcery the way James Garrison writes it over in Hereticwerks.  To make good on a promise I made to a friend about coming up with iconic space characters as I have with fantasy ones,  I   have started a series of representative  character images that would work for both WhiteStar  and GURPS  Space.

I am well aware of the Internet flack over the character of Finn inThe Force Awakens, and I   am one of those that thinks if you have wolflings and robots and Star Knights, you are damn well going  to have  the full cohort of humanity  as inhabitants  of the galaxy along with the klingons (I  mean Qinlons) and Stellar Dragons. My Space Opera has Uhura and Guynan and Mace Windoo and Adama and Starbuck. It is not based solely on the demographics  of the Mercury space missions.


That aside, I  went down to my flgs and spent extra to get the hardcopy of GURPS  Space 4e, (because character templates), only to discover that it was now the fluff book, and UltraTech  4e now had the crunch.

This was disenheartening, but part of the redesign  from 3e to 4e was eliminating redundancies. Naturally, I  immediately went and bought the pdf version, (which thankfully  had the weapons tables as a seperate download), completely blowing my remaining  paypal funds. If I   am going to be getting the WhiteStar  Companion, and illustrating those classes, I   am going to need to sell me some more art.


One thought on “WhiteStar and GURPS Space

  1. It is even more complicated than that: 3e Space had rules for (1) stellar systems, (2) aliens, (3) space travel, (4) spaceship design and combat, (5) personal equipment. 4e Space has (1-3), 4e Ultratech has (5). To get (4), you have to get the Spaceships series. They are all outstanding books, and I bought them all, but perhaps the entry cost for a space-based sci-fi GURPS campaign was raised a bit too high.

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