Traffic Patterns and Art Sales

I have been reviewing  my blog traffic. While I owe a lot of views from Peter Dell’Orto’s mention of Northport  over on his blog, I have also gotten a lot of visitors as a result of my inclusion  in Douglas Coĺe’s GURPSDAY  listings on his blog, and I had a great  mention on Benjamin  Guaronskas’ blog. I also just became a patron of Erik Tankar, and am listed there also, and there should be a serious uptick from that.

Tenkar also introduced  a feature on his blog that allowa reviewing and promotion by OSR producers, publishers, artist and bloggers. I have several listings there.

Despite a blitz on G+, my most recent sales report from drivethrurpg  was not very hopeful. I could see a slight boost in sales from the GM’s day sale, but only one person bought my Wizard stock art. I happen to know who it was, and it was John M. Stater, the hyper-prolific game designer behind Blood & Treasure, Bloody Basic,and Grit & Vigor, and my primary patron for whom I have produced many commissions. As one of the characters in Wizards was featured in one of those commissions, in a different  pose (being snatched up by a stone golem)stone golem0001

it suits perfectly that his other pose wind up in B&T for continuity.

The robe pattern, by the way, came from Alastair, one of my muses.



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