Sheepfolk and other races

Following a brilliant suggestion from my player James, who currently runs the character Oly (thief with a speech impediment) and took over the multiclass woodelf Syvanus in the hex crawl, along with Johan Stark,( weird knight with trollish blood and affections), along with Mshrm’s Dog and Mouse folk over in Don’t Forget your Boots , I bring you Sheeple.

James had acquired an odd little porcelain sculpture of a sheep person, which he felt cried out for game stats.

Sheep folk come in two varieties:

Common sheep folk [-17]

Sheep folk are commonly found as servants.

IQ-1[-20], HT+1[10], DR 1 [3] (Tough wool), Blunt claws[1],  Goodwife [5],  Night Vision 3[3], Wool[1] (treat as fur), Temperature tolerance 2[2], Gregarious[-10], Hidebound[-5], Incurious[-5]Vegetarian[-5]

Bellwether [8]

These sheep folk are different.. Instead of Hidebound, they have Stubbornness, and are not incurious. They also have Will +2 [10] and Charisma+1[5], and are not Gregarious by nature, being very willing to go their own way, and may be chummy, loners or simply indifferent.

Sheep folk who dwell in mountainous regions have a minimum 2 points in climbing skill.


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