A year in commissions and purchases

I think I have had a very good year. Artwise, I have had two clients, and between them I have made more than I spent on gaming materials this year.  For one, I have completed a taxonomy of fantasy races for his Gurps Dungeon Fantasy campaign document… and Panorica is a document of some size.  If things go well, I may be illustrating some outer planes Denizens for him in the future…

outer plane inhabitants.png

But that is a matter for a later time.

My primary client, acquired after blitzing assorted Google+ gaming and OSR boards with samples of my work, first for the Dyvvers project, and secondly for a project proposed by Stephanie Bryant, is John Stater, author of the Land of Nod Blog, and creator of Blood&Treasure. My work for him has appeared in Nod27, and will appear in the next iteration of Blood & Treasure and also in Nod28.

nod sampler

Now I am hearing news that I might get to do some work on another OSR platform, but I am going to wait to hear on that before putting it on blast.


As I was saying, there have been quite a few things added to my gaming library of late.  My youngest got me a print copy of Critical Failures 4, and my wife got me Of Dice and Men, and I got me a crowd of things, from cheap minis from Eagle Games, to a slew of pdf’s.

From Warehouse23 I have picked up a buttload of assorted GURPS Suppliments, from Dungeon Fantasy specific releases, Like Monsters @: Icky Goo, to Guilds, Powerstones, and Glittering Prizes, along with Action 2:Exploits and Thaumatology: Sorcery. So far, all Impressive.

From One Bookshelf, I can barely keep track. So much free. so much cheap, including Ruins & Ronans, which together with the Flying Swordsmen  (from this blog) and Mad Monks of Kwantoom are about to have an impact on my online game, which is going to take my crew of DF players to a new is place, which I will cover in detail as it unfolds.  That last is by Kabuki Kaiser, whose Castle Gargantua I also picked up, and recommend, right along with Micheal CurtisStonehell Dungeon 2.

Through a couple of OSR Humble Bundles, I ended up with discounted copies of Zak S’s beautiful Vornheim and  A Red and Pleasant Land, worth that level of purchase for the random guest tables alone.

I also finally picked up Whitestar, which I can’t think but be something I would play using GURPS Space.

It has been a good year, and I hope the one to come is even better.



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