Commissions and a new game

Recently, I was able to persuade my wife to try roleplaying games.  Generally, it isn’t her thing, and medieval fantasy less so.

Naturally, I used GURPS to introduce her; as a skill based game suited the mode of introduction better. Following some suggestions by The Mook, I created a set of everyday scenarios for her character, a professional sous-chef.  As a graduate of a fine-dining culinary program trapped in a 9 to 5 clerical job, this was very targeted escapism.  So, her character had some uncontested skill rolls to make (successfully preparing family meal for the restaurant staff) a contested roll (speed cutting onions with one of the prep cooks.) which got her a critical failure (cutting herself) and a roll made at a penalty (cooking to impress a critic).

Her character, while loosely based on her own skill set and temperament, had a number of simple advantages (lightning calculator for example) which she has wished for in her own life.  The primary difference were an interrelated set of secret disadvantages and a particular secret advantage I designed for the character.

Unlike my wife, who has a remarkable memory for names and faces, this paper person has a quirk level incompetence with getting names and faces right, another quirk of constantly misplacing things, and a ten point level of partial amnesia, representing occasions of lost time, along with Horrible hangovers. All of these are side effects of a version of Jumper she has that I worked out with Ghostdancer, keeper of the excellent blog Ravens and Pennies, and known to many as a very prolific writer of GURPS supplements.

This version of Jumper allows her to jump while sleeping only into near timelines where she already exists, while simultaneously switching the local version of herself into her own world.  She has only become aware of this due to the activities of her Evil Twins, only one of whom actually fits that category, as they have different preferences for reorganizing her closets.  The problematic alter was the first to become aware of their mutual situation, and is paranoid and jealous, and has a mania for alphabetizing.  A few of the other side effects are Horrible Hangovers, which are actually a form of Jump Sickness, and Nightmares, which relate to the sensations of the jump.

My wife started to suspect things because of unusual brands of soda in the fridge (Moxie is still produced in the paranoid alter’s timeline) and because her Weirdness Magnet caused her to register on the equipment used by a bunch of  amateur parapsychologists with a Youtube channel who she was doing a catering gig for, and because of a video made at a sleep disorders center of her apparently teleporting off the bed and disconnecting an EKG setup.

I will continue to post as things develop.

Jumper (World)
(Accessibility, Only while sleeping, -20%; Link, +10%; No Concentration, +15%; Nuisance Effect, Tipsy, Nonresistible, -10%; Temporary Disadvantage, Nightmare (N/A), -12%; Unconscious only, -20%; Uncontrollable, -30% [33]

Affliction 1 (HT; Accessibility, Alternate Self only, -80%; Advantage, Modified Jumper*, +330%; Based on IQ, Own Roll, +20%; Link, +10%; Malediction 1, +100%; World-Spanning, Alternate Worlds, +100%) [57]

*Jumper (World) (Accessibility, Only while sleeping, -20%; No Concentration, +15%; Nuisance Effect, Tipsy, Nonresistible, -10%; Temporary Disadvantage, Nightmare (N/A), -12%; Unconscious only, -20%; Uncontrollable,-30%[33]

90 points ought to cover it   (As per Ghostddancer)

Recently, I have started an Instagram account for my artwork, and I have recently completed some OSR commissions for John Stater, author of Blood & Treasure and the Land of Nod Blog.I seriously recommend that you pick up some of his issues of The Land of Nod. His work is incredibly in depth, and he will be featuring my work in the next issue.

I have definitely stepped up my game since I illustrated some Hirelings for Tim Shorts‘ The Manor#8.  Follow a hundred or so professional artists on Instagram and either it will crush your dreams of ever being successful, or it will inspire you to new heights of creativity and enhance your technique.

I am still taking commissions, at the rate of $25 per black and white page.

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