I am a winner

I am currently  enjoying some workman’s  comp due to my bad back, and even worse working conditions. Thankfully, I was approved  for  an assortment  of therapies with  no out of pocket to me. That’s  a win.

A bigger piece of news is that my wonderful ,  but non-gaming wife has agreed to play an rpg with me.  The game will be using GURPS  of course, as that is my go to for somany reasons. The biggest  of those, in this case, is the readiness  of the system to describe contemporary  real life settings, while allowing  for Wierdness  that doesn’t  feel grafted  on.

This is definitely  a win.

I reached out to Ghostdancer from Ravens ‘n’Pennies for a workup on a particular  piece of wierdness, and he delivered me a beautiful writeup. Personal advantage write up by Christopher  Rice? So much a win.

To top it off, I was asked about my rates for comissions after someone spotted this Sutherland tribute


This makes my heart happy.

Finally, I participated in a contest over in Swords and Dorkery, accurately predicting how far Mike Monaco was able to descend into an actual cave complex, and won a set of plastic miniatures.

My back hurts, and I  am a winner.

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