The Eternal Recruitment Drive

Running a pbp game has its ups and downs. The greatest problem has to do with attrition, players drifting off without giving notice. Real life happens to us all, and pbp games are often the last resort. When no regular gaming group avais available, go to your flgs and hope for a pickup game. No time/no luck? Or your group has moved apart, skype, rollD20, Google hangouts. None of those options? Play Skyrim. That gets boring? Then play by post…

So at the bottom tier, we lose players to work and illness, and to insufferable inter-party conflict, but also to better gaming opportunities.

What grinds my gears is when they leave without giving notice. The players I keep up with on +Google, FB, and other social fora usually do, but the players on my ancient message board who don’t check in, and aren’t in direct contact via other media just tend to vanish when they lose interest. Usually when they become central to a plot.

I realized jst now, with the auto promotion I have with this blog, I should use it to recruit.

Anyone interested in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, and willing to play really slow is welcome to drop in at any time here. Come on down to Northport, and have a great slow time exploring the megadungeon under the city streets.


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