Art projects filling my time

Recently, I have undertaken a number of art projects that fill the spaces between shooting Xrays.

xorn fight

Firstly, I was going a little old school. I decided to take this piece, originally drawn to promote my work to OSR editors. It kinda worked, given my place in The Manor.

But I ended up in this project where a bunch of bloggers write about why they love a particular game. So I started illustrating the games on the very long list, mostly as a portfolio building project.

CoCThis one is for Call of Cthulhu.

Now, I had also attracted the interest of another GURPS player, who wanted illustrations for the races in his Dungeon Fantasy game.

panorica faceshere are some headshots…

trollo40001and here are some trolls for that project.

At the same time, and because editing draft after draft of line work into digital format gets tedious, I have been taking time to clear my head by painting little fat birds in the style of Mike Mitchell, who displays his work here.My wife loves his work so I have been painting birds…

IMG_3367ruffled read breasted grouse

Goldfinch and cardinal FullSizeRender


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