Fight clubs

Part of the in-town action in my game has focused on the problems surrounding the business of running an illegal fight club within Northport City limits. Vilgar, a fight promoter built on Brute+Treasure hunter+Ogre+about 25pts of allies and contacts, runs an organization that is in no means a rogues guild, but more of an unlimited MMA association. The gambling book is kept by a guild agent, Lepkur the goblin, and the Adventurer’s guild’s revenues were heavily involved in the gambling operation.

The first adventure I ran in Northport was focused on characters fleeing into the undercity, when Vilgar’s fighting arena under a beer distributors warehouse was raided ny the town guard for tax evasion. My focus on demonstrating the pit fights before the raid bored my players, and taught me to always involve them.

Most of the players from that run have become NPCs, but one has gone on to become a central character, Hitomi the cat folk thief. Now, my cat folk suffer from the same social stigma that goblins and barbarians do, because my humans are a bit chauvinistic.

Vilgar has a problem with his business; he is a convicted felon, and cannot own real property. Naturally the answer to this lies with henchmen, and the search for a new location has fueled several adventures, and caused friction with a shadowy figure Vilgar has smuggled for, the Alchemist. Now, plenty of people in Northport practice the art, but this guy is the Walter White of illegal Paut production. His paut is formulated with regional cognates of symbolic ingredients, having raven albumen instead of ibis blood as an ingredient, and alchohol brewed from the kind of grain (emmet) usually used as an ingedient, and generally invoking a Norse rather than an Egyptian vibe. Overindulging tends to grant a little foresight as well as dimming vision in one eye.

In the absence of a functioning fight club while Vilgar’s people search and prepare a new location, one of his rivals has filled the void, over in little Shevnia, where the plutocrats hold no sway.  Kalvo Tvasi, a Veteran Agent, had recruited not only all of Vilgar’s  former fighters, including a character that played in my original Northport game back in 2002, and an assortment of Brutes and Guards.

Once again, I have come to the conclusion that while equal points mean little in GURPS, given the variance in template ranges, templates of the same archetype really feel point disparity; knights stomp brutes stomp guards. Conversely going cross archetype makes work: a Thief has serious trouble fighting a Killer or a Brute.

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