The Deep Guard

One of my players brought along a magnificently munchkinized character, a heavily armored ogre who was a weapon master of the dueling halberd, with the Hero Advantage from DF 11. His equipment included ornate heavy plate he referred to as Deep Guard Armor. So who are the Deep Guard? I have had NPC’s immediately recognize him as the Hero he is, but gave little thought to what that actually meant.

The Deep Guard is a royally chartered mercenary group whose primary duty is to escort wagons of ore out of the royal silver mines and to the Imperial mint. The mines are in hobgoblin infested mountains, and the deep guard, accompanied by the Nethermost Flight, perform the escort.

The average member of the Deep Guard is a Brute from DF15 with Weapon Mastery: Dueling halberd and all other discretionary points spent on wealth sufficient to be outfitted with ornate plate armor.  The average member of the Nethermost Flight is an archer (also from DF15) using a heavy crossbow and carrying a mace.  They have the Teamwork perk and wear heavy scale.

Gorgath was able to save his unit and shipment during a ferocious attack by a shock force of heavily armored hobgoblins and gladiator apes that was led by a stratigically minded hobgoblin knight.

What really separates Gorgath the ogre from the rest of the Deep Guard is  that his armor is enchanted and a really fabulous piece of named signature gear known as the DoomRazor, a fine, balanced, , Dwarven, Silver coated, ornate Orichalcum  Dueling Halberd.  It is probably one of the sweetest weapons I have seen designed that wasn’t ludicrously enchanted.

The addition of Gorgath, whose player is actually subtle and funny, to the group has had me to re-calibrate threat and challenge evaluation, but I am still surprised at how quickly he can dice through DR17  opponents.

After the next time his group surfaces, I am going to have some of his mates ride into town.  Sadly, not all of them are heroic…

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