The Adventurer’s Guild of Northport

As The Orc wars in the neighboring Hetlands wound down to a sullen defeat for most of Shevnia, Northport found itself home to a number of mercenary companies without a clear target in site, along with a severe population imbalance.  To better occupy all of these landless warriors, and to handle the spillover of other unaligned persons resulting from the eradication of the Rogue’s guild, the Adventurer’s Guild of Northport was formed.  In addition to mercenaries and thieves, the  collective of magic users, charlatans and hedge wizards known as the Unclaimed Journeymen’s Association also became part of the guild.

Inspired by  The Wonderful World of Eamon,  a series of text adventures  I had for my old Apple ][+, The Guild front man is Aemon McCain, and stands in front of two signs. The first one says, quoting from the Adventure! spin-off,

“Anything that isn’t nailed down is mine. Anything I can pry up isn’t nailed down”

The other sign recommends either checking your weapons, or having them peace bonded. Failure to comply has you deal with half a dozen brutes specialized with dueling halberds… and has lead to a cottage industry of making false peacebonds that allow for fast-drawing weapons.

In addition to following most of the guild membership rules Sean Punch set up in this article, (and expanded in DF17) I start all Northport Characters with a mandatory Perk, of Guild Membership, which allows you to live inside the guild, effectively at Status-2 for free, and counts as proof of employment, as vagrancy is a crime.  The other Guild related benefits are as follows: not only does rank above 0 allow you to sell goods at one value higher than your actual wealth, but you are able to sell your services without a broker.  The guild has brokers, mostly built on the Agent template from Henchmen, although the better ones are Agent+Adept or better, and it is with them I can pitch ideas, and form adventuring groups without the need for back story.

An additional perk, subsumed into guild rank 1 is “no hassles” which let you get past the entrance without checking your gear.

The idea of the guild was to serve as a device that allowed for easy insertion of players, and to allow multiple groups to inhabit the same setting.  It is a social extension of the megadungeon beneath Northport,


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